Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby's Movements

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Flutters & Tapping – Usually, this is the early movement that we can feel, very similar to a muscle spasm or gas bubble. Sometimes you may feel like there are butterflies in your stomach. These feelings are also sometimes called quickening.

Kicking & Punching – As your baby gets stronger and slightly bigger, you may begin to feel some jabs and kicks. As your baby grows, these kicks and punches can become more violent and sometimes even jolting enough to take your breath away or stop you in your tracks.

Rolling & Sliding –This feels much like an inside out Shiatsu massage chair in your belly. You may feel like your baby is a little wiggly fish. This is a really fun part of fetal movement because you can actually see your baby moving inside your belly.

Tickles & Popping - It might sound crazy, but it is quite possible that your baby is blowing bubbles in the womb. Although their lungs are full of fluid, they prepare their lungs for birth by expelling these fluids into the amniotic sac, which feels very similar to a bubbling tickle in the womb.

Vibrations & Spasms - Sometimes scary and unexpected, but these feelings are completely normal. These can most likely be attributed to fetal hiccups. Fetal hiccups are unlike regular hiccups, but they have the same spontaneous reaction. It is normal to experience these occurrences multiple times a day, and even normal to never feel them at all. The baby can  be a little frustrated and disturbed by these hiccups, thus thrusting and stretching around inside, causing even more chaos in the womb.

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