Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bubye Kedah..I'm Gonna Miss You!

Salam..alrite..seems dat today gonna be my last day in Kedah bcoz I will continue my studies at 

Uitm Shah Alam..To all family members..i will miss u guys here and always remember n loving me k!^^" and 

wish that my journey gonna be smooth and safe all way heading to Shah sad..sob..sob...sob :'(

To my mom and dad..thanks for taking care good of me since I always make you both 

angry with me...sorry..sorry..sorry..To siblings..I know you all will miss me rite?lolz..and lastly to 

friends..bloggers..wish me safe and all things that I done will make me a better person and also a good student

 in my future k.So Im wanna say...Bye2 Kedah....Hye2 Shah Alam!!